Prayer Group


Guided by A Handbook to Morning Time by Cindy Rollins, we will begin our day with

Prayer, Singing Hymns and Songs, Bible Reading and Memory time, Announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Math Formulas and a Calculator


We will be using drills and games to challenge and inspire our students to truly conquer math skills.

Girl at School


Each child capable of writing will be encouraged and given opportunity to take notes and/or draw in a nature journal.  Some days this might be as simple as recording observations about the weather, outside air temperature and cloud formation, rain and snow patterns, and seasonal plant changes.



We will be learning basic drawing skills using Bruce McIntyre's Drawing Textbook to communicate visual knowledge, using the seven principals of drawing: Surface, Size, Surface Lines, Overlapping,  Shading, Density and Foreshortening.  

Ancient Coins


Charlotte Mason was an English educator.  Our desire is to launch our program with a solid traditional foundation in American history in this our first year. Therefore our history component will feature American History and Geography, including the 50 States and their Capitols and the Presidents of the United States. 

First semester will include America's discovery and exploration by Europeans up to the year 1850 AD; 

Second semester will follow up from the year 1850 AD to today.

Chalkboard with Different Languages


Per the emphasis of Charlotte Mason on learning from living books, we will be reading great classic books to our children and listening to them narrating the stories back to us.  Through this exercise we will be teaching our children to listen carefully and remember fully.  To our middle school dialectic students we will be teaching logic and evaluating skills, to help them grow in their abilities as thinking and understanding young people.